Ponderosa Community Services District 
 Ponderosa Community Services District is located in the southern Sierra Mountains,
within the Sequoia National Monument, above Springville California.
Our mission is to responsibly provide pure mountain water and effective snow removal to the residences and businesses within the Ponderosa Community.
The District is governed by a publicly elected board of 5 (five) directors  
Term Expires           
Beth Benton
December 2022
Tammi Stewart
December 2024       
Scott James II
December 2022
Robert Cope
December 2022
Larry Gray
December 2024      

Local Government Financial Data  CA State Controller                            
The next regular business meeting is
Thursday May 13, 2021
click to see agenda.
There will be no zoom link available for the May 13, 2021 meeting.
The meeting will be held outdoors. Some seating will be available, or you may bring your own.
If you cannot attend the meeting in person and wish to make a public comment, 
you may email comments to secretary@ponderosacsd.com. Email will be read during the
public comment item on the agenda. Emails must be received no later than 9 am, 5/13/21.