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Final update June 30, 2014
The water system improvement project was deemed finally completed by PCSD Resolution 2014-98-A on April 10, 2014.
The board thanks all Ponderosa property owners for their patience, cooperation and understanding for the duration of the water system improvement project.
Re: Summit loop cabins

May 23, 2014

Dear Ponderosa property owner; 

The PCSD board needs to inform you that pumps will be installed in order to boost the pressure of water to your cabin on the Summit loop. The work of installing pumps will begin after July 1, 2014. Your pressure should be increased from the current 40 psi to 70-75 psi. You will need to have a pressure regulator installed at your specific cabin. If you are unsure that you currently have a pressure regulator, you may contact the water manager, David Robertson, or contractor, Jim Parminter, to inspect the status of you cabin’s water service. There will be no charge to you for these inspections. Should you discover that you do not currently have a pressure regulator installed; you must make arrangements to obtain parts and installation. The cost of parts is approximately $60.00 and does not include labor. Each property owner is responsible for the cost of parts and labor to install a pressure regulator for Summit cabins. You may contact Mr. Robertson or Mr. Parminter for these installations or you may make other arrangements.

Additionally, please be aware that the water service to your cabin will be shut off intermittently during the installation of the booster pumps. Notice of the actual date of booster pump installation will be posted to the PCSD website, at the Ponderosa mail building and at your cabin. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this situation, please contact the Water Manager, David Robertson or PCSD board member, William Benton (559 542-2414). Updates will be made on the PCSD website, www.ponderosacsd.com.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while the district works to improve your water service.

Contact information

David Robertson                     Jim Parminter
559 539-5023 home               559 542-2524
559 359-0845 cell

Update Dec 16, 2013
Stage 3 mandatory water restrictions are now lifted. At this time, no water restriction levels are considered necessary.
Our wells are producing, and the new 120,000 gallon tank is installed and online. The water system construction project is nearing final completion.

The board would like to thank the community for your cooperation, patience, and understanding during construction on the water system.

Update Oct 15, 2013
From PCSD Director William Benton, Water Coordinator
The water system improvement project is fast approaching completion – on schedule.

I thank the community for their support and sacrifices.Stage 3 water restrictions remain in effect as we still have water being supplied with a temporary Summit tank, holding a mere 1500 gallons. Stage 3 water restrictions will be lifted once the new Summit tank is filled and online.

The base for the new tank at Summit should be completed Oct 17. The new tank should be delivered on or around Oct 22. The tank company will take another 5 days to install. Other parts of the project will be completed shortly thereafter, ie…the new pump system for the Summit loop.              

Update - Sept19, 2013
The main water line on Tamarack is now in service.
While construction continues on the Summit tank Regulation 2007-W Restricted Water Use
Stage 3-Mandatory Water Restrictions remain in effect (until further notice).

Initial violation of any stage of this regulation will result in a warning.

After the receipt of warning...repeated violations of Stage 3 will result in a violation fee of 250.00 per incident.

Continued violation of stages 2 or 3 of this regulation may result in termination of water service.

If water service is terminated, a reconnection fee of $125.00 is required to restore water service. Once payment is received, service will be restored within forty-eight (48) hours.

Statement by PCSD Director William Benton-Water Coordinator
As of September 12, 2013, the water system improvement project has just completed the street portion of the project. We hope the chronic freezing of the main lines on Fox, Tamarack and Ponderosa are a thing of the past. Hopefully, you had a chance to see the fixes while the trenches were still open. Fox was only 18 inches below the road surface, Tamarack was 6 inches below, and Ponderosa was less than 24 inches below in the suspected freeze area. Code is 36 inches below street level.
To provide water through the Labor Day weekend was complicated and very challenging. A new fitting, installed by Hobbs Construction at 7 pm Thursday night, gave way about 2 am Friday morning. The old butterfly valve at the Summit tank, if it had worked properly, would have saved 30,000 gallons. It failed, as it has 3 times this past Spring, resulting in massive water loss. The new Summit tank will have a combination butterfly valve and electrically operated valve sensitive to loss of water pressure. Combined, they should double our protection against such massive loss.
In times of crisis and stress, the best, and unfortunately, the worst is brought out in people. We thank those who hung in there with support and sacrifices during the busy Labor Day weekend. Thanks for the efforts of Dave Robertson, Jim Parminter and Hobbs Construction, who worked well into the nights to maintain water for Ponderosa. When completed, the water system will be much improved. Freezing lines are at code depth, we will double the capacity at Summit tank to 120,000 gallons and the new pressure system on Summit should rectify water supply problems there.
Water and storage of water will be in short supply until we fill the new Summit tank (in about 6 weeks). The result of only 5 feet of snow last winter has resulted in a low water table. 3 of our 4 wells regularly pump down to the point that the pumps automatically shut off in order to prevent the pump from burning up. These wells are fed through a series of fissures. They do NOT pump dry, however the water level can become too low for our pumps to work efficiently. The pumps shut off until the wells recover to a sufficient level; this recovery takes time. 

The process of water improvements, funded by the USDA, was started back in 2006, when the previous PCSD board sought to increase storage capacity at Summit. They held a successful Prop 218 hearing in 2009 that resulted in an increase to water rates. They also began the pursuit of a grant/loan package from the USDA. Finally, a funding package was arranged and approved by a majority of cabin owners through another Prop 218 hearing in August of 2011. The grant is for $310,000 with a loan of $500,000 at 2.125% for a 40 year term. By December 2013, the current project will be complete.

Update - Sept 7, 2013

On Thursday, the water manager submitted 5 water samples taken throughout the Ponderosa system.

On Friday, the Porterville Laboratory reported that all 5 samples had 'absent' results.

Ponderosa's water is safe to use for drinking and all other household purposes.

The board thanks you for your understanding, patience and continuing compliance with the water restrictions during this period of construction.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the water manager, David Robertson or a current board member.


Update - August 31, 2013

Water service to the Ponderosa subdivision has been restored. Mandatory water restrictions remain in effect until further notice. All wells are pumping, the Holby transfer has been repaired and Hobbs construction has contracted with Vollmer and Schiltz to bring water tank trucks to help refill the Summit tank.

Regulation 2007-W Restricted Water Use

Established June 13, 2007 by Resolution 2007-26-W

Stage 3 – mandatory restriction
No water use beyond what is necessary for personal sanitation, cooking,
drinking and the minimum necessary to care for animals/livestock

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the water manager, David Robertson or a current board member.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Construction update

August 23, 2013

Dear Ponderosa property owners;

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the board, the contractor was unable to begin construction this week. The new start date for main water line replacements is Tuesday August 27, 2013.

The contractor for the project is Hobbs Construction. The resident inspector is Mr. Paul Newkirk. The PCSD Board member contact is Mr. William Benton. A temporary office will be established on PCSD property and construction equipment may be stationed there or on other PCSD when not in use.

The work of replacing water main lines is scheduled to begin on August 27, 2013. See the following schedule:

Fox Dr – Aug 27 through Aug 30
Ponderosa Dr – Sept 3 through Sept 7
Tamarack Dr – Sept 9 through Sept 13

Please be aware that portions of the roads on Fox, Ponderosa and Tamarack will be torn up in order to complete this work. The work on the Summit tank will not begin until after Labor Day weekend.  Water service to the affected cabins will continue to be provided during construction via hoses connected to alternate sources if necessary. There will be a small temporary tank for the Summit loop. We anticipate that there will be sufficient pressure for normal household consumption; however we do ask that property owners refrain from excessive use, such as exterior watering of plants, car washing, etc, during this phase of construction.

If you have any questions or concerns about your water service, please contact the Water Manager, David Robertson (559 539-5023 or 359-0845) or by email at secretary@ponderosacsd.com.

Updates will be made on the PCSD website, www.ponderosacsd.com.Please do not contact the construction workers directly.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while the district works to improve the water system.