Ponderosa Community Services District 
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            Responsibly providing pure mountain Water and effective Snow Removal
Ponderosa Community Services District
56287 Aspen Dr
Springville, CA  93265
559 542-0913
The Ponderosa CSD board of directors conducts regular business meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 12:30 p.m.  
All regular and special meetings are open to the public. Public comments are welcomed and may be made during the public comment period on the agenda. Anyone wishing to submit a item for discussion with or by the board on a specific issue is requested to do so in a written request no later than 10 days before a regularly scheduled meeting.
Current Employees
General Manager - Thomas Griesbach
Treasurer - Julie Landers
Water Testing currently done by - Kirk Klemcke
Acting Water Manager - Tim Harness
Office Manager - Jennifer Robertson
The office manager also serves as Board Secretary