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Q. I recently bought a home in Ponderosa. Do I need to contact Ponderosa CSD for water and snow removal services?
A. No, water and snow removal services are billed to each property annually through direct charges on the Tulare County property tax bills. However, it would be appreciated if you would provide the district secretary with your preferred contact information to ensure you receive communications from the district.
Q. I am ready to build on my vacant lot, how do I get water service?
A. Download a water application and mail with applicable fees to the address on the application.
Q. My water pressure seems very low.
A. You may have an undetected leak, check by listening for running water when all faucets are turned off. Or there may be a system wide problem. Contact the water technician, Tim Harness, or Water Manager, Robert Cope.
Q. There is no water when I turn on the faucet.
A. If you just arrived at your cabin and have no water, first ensure that your main valve is open. If you still have no water or your pressure seems too low, contact the Water Manager, Robert Cope, or water technician, Tim Harness, for assistance.
Q. After the Sequoia Complex Fire is Ponderosa water safe to use and drink?
A. Yes, the water is safe. The Ponderosa water system was contaminated by surface water during the fire in an effort to maintain water pressure and ensure availability to fire personnel. The State Water Resources Control Board directed the PCSD to issue a boil before drinking order. The system was treated appropriately, testing was repeated, and came back clean. The State allowed us to remove the boil order on Oct. 16, 2020.