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Public Hearing re: Water Rates
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Don't let winter temperatures cause broken water lines in your mountain cabin. 
In spite of the Governor's declaring the end of a state wide drought, the State Water Resource Board still requires water systems to reduce and report annual water usage. Therefore, the PCSD Board requests property owners reduce water use and conserve water whenever possible. Ordinance 2014-1-W Restrictions on Water Use is in effect and will be enforced as necessary. On behalf of the Board, thank you for your cooperation!

SCE – Bark Beetle Tree Removal Project

SCE is working with federal, state, and local agencies to remove dead, dying and diseased trees that were weakened by an insect called the bark beetle and by years of drought. This situation poses a potential hazard to people and property in affected communities, as well as to our electricity facilities.

SCE has an ongoing contract with Phillips and Jordan (https://www.pandj.com) for removal of dead bark beetle trees, even if located on private property Property owners may choose to keep the wood, have it chipped and spread, or have it completely removed. If no choice is made known PRIOR to felling of trees -- all wood and debris will be removed from the property. Property owners may contact SCE customer service, contact arborist for P&J, Terry Dollar (tdollar@pandj.com), contact Phillips and Jordan corporate directly (800.955.0876), or send preferences to the PCSD secretary (secretary@ponderosacsd.com). 

SCE customer service contact:
If your trees have grown into or near power lines, pruning requires the expertise of a qualified line-clearance arborist.To report trees growing into or near power lines, call us at 1-800-655-4555.

Even in warm weather it is a good idea to turn off you cabin's water supply at the incoming valve, if you will be away from your cabin for a considerable period of time. Before you leave, PLEASE ensure you successfully turned off the water supply to your cabin by checking to see that water is not running through an open drain valve. Also, be sure to close the drain valve when you turn the water supply on to your cabin.
Thank you!  
2013-2014 Water System Improvement Project - archived updates