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COVID 19 update

April 2, 2020

Re: District response to Covid19

To all Ponderosa property owners:

We hope this letter finds you well. The Ponderosa CSD board wants to inform you how they will move forward for the best interest of the Ponderosa Community in light of Federal directives, State proclamations, and County declarations. This situation is new for everyone!

The California Governor’s Executive Order N-34-20 lists types of “essential critical infrastructure workers” who are permitted to go to work despite the Governor’s ‘stay at home’ command in Executive Order N-33-20. This list includes employees that perform public safety, water and other utilities, public health and welfare, and others. All construction workers are considered essential.

Per this order, water and snow removal are considered essential services. As such, our water technician, Tim Harness and any necessary short term laborers are able to continue working to operate and maintain the PCSD water system. Our contracted water manager, Kirk Klemcke, is continuing to take water samples for testing, monitor water issues, and is available to help Mr. Harness. Obviously any water problem is also an essential matter and must be repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. PCSD workers will take whatever steps are necessary to protect themselves during their work, including wearing additional protective gear and taking additional sanitary measures. High Sierra Snow Removal continues to clear snow as the weather dictates, while ensuring the safety of his employees.

Although continued operation of the Ponderosa CSD services are essential, the social distancing guidelines and the Governor’s ‘stay at home’ order make public board meetings difficult to accomplish. After discussing the following information with Mrs. Robertson, Mr. Doty decided to act with an abundance of caution, and cancel the regular April board meeting rather than expose board members, staff, contractors, and the Ponderosa public to an increased risk.

Several factors were considered.

  • The Ponderosa community is, by its very nature, remote and therefore likely to not have any Covid infection cases.
  • Any individuals entering the Ponderosa community from outside locations increase the risk to Ponderosa residents.
  • The majority of Ponderosa residents fall into defined ‘at risk’ groups.
  • Mrs. Robertson was herself ill at the time of the telephone call.
  • Ms. Landers is still caring for her elderly mother whose immune system is still recovering. Ms. Lander’s own health issues define her as ‘at risk’.
  • The district does not currently have the proper technology to host a video meeting.
  • There has been a fatality Porterville’s Sierra View Hospital due to this virus, with other confirmed cases in its ICU.

While the board president has made the decision to cancel the regular April business meeting and possibly the May business meeting, this in no way means the district is not still doing business. The board secretary, Jennifer Robertson, and the district treasurer, Julie Landers, normally work from home and will continue to pay bills, maintain records and communications. What it does mean for our district is any projects that are not absolutely essential to sustain operations will be postponed until such time as restrictions are lifted.

The board wants to assure you that if an issue needing immediate action arises, the board will hold a properly noticed, special meeting and every effort will be made to include the public in the safest manner possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. You may contact board members directly or through the board secretary, district treasurer or general manager. If you have a water problem in your Ponderosa property you may contact Tim Harness, or any board member. Please check the website for contact information. www.ponderosacsd.com

During this unprecedented time in our history, we hope that you are taking all necessary precautions to stay safe and remain healthy.

On behalf of the Ponderosa CSD board,

Jennifer Robertson

PCSD Board secretary
Director Larry Gray – Financial Coordinator – lgray@ponderosacsd.com
Director Tammi Stewart – Vice President – tstewart@ponderosacsd.com
Director Beth Benton – bbenton@ponderosacsd.com
Julie Landers – District Treasurer – treasurer@ponderosacsd.com
Tom Griesbach – General Manager – tgreisbach@ponderosacsd.com
Kirk Klemcke – Contracted water manager – k.klemcke@ponderosacsd.com
*Tim Harness – water technician – 559 361-3324
*Director Robert Cope – Water Coordinator – 559 542-2601  
Although the calendar says it is Spring, we have still been receiving snowfall and freezing temperatures!
The winter season has arrived here in Ponderosa.
  • Please turn off your cabin’s main water valve if you will be absent for a considerable duration,
  • and be sure to close the drain valve when you turn water on to your cabin.
If the PCSD water staff determines significant water loss was due to property owner negligence, you may be charged for PCSD expenses incurred while searching for the source of water loss at a rate of $25.00/hour for a minimum charge of 3 hours ($75.00)

Winter Parking
Additionally, the board would like to remind everyone to observe the Parking Ordinance during snow conditions.
Snow Removal equipment may be operating day or night within the Ponderosa.
Please inform all your guests or renters that, per PCSD Ordinance 2005-1-S,
all vehicles must be parked off the Ponderosa community streets or they may be towed.
Snow Removal
The past 2018-2019 snow season produced a more significant snowfall than the Ponderosa area has seen for several years.
On average, over the past six snow seasons, we have been on track with our snow removal contract costs.
However during this past snow season the costs were significantly more than the revenues. This is a cause for concern because, though last season’s snowfall was above the recent average, it actually was well within the historical average for our area.
The board was required to use ‘reserve snow removal funds’ in order to continue the current level of snow removal service to the community.The treasurer has informed the board, that should we have one more season like the 2018-2019 season, the reserves will be completely depleted.
The snow removal rates have remained unchanged since July 1, 2015. The board has begun discussion of increasing snow removal rates. They are in the process of researching the historical costs of snow removal with the current contractor, High Sierra Snow Removal, and comparing that with anticipated costs in the future.
The board wants to hear from you. All suggestions and ideas are welcome. No rate changes can go into effect until there has been a public hearing, protest period, and public vote. Any changes in snow removal rates would not go into effect until July 1, 2021.
We want to hear from you!
Please send mail to
Ponderosa CSD
Attn: Board of Directors
56287 Aspen Dr,
Springville, CA 93265
Or email to secretary@ponderosacsd.com
In spite of the Governor's declaring the end of a state wide drought, the State Water Resource Board still requires water systems to reduce and report annual water usage. Therefore, the PCSD Board requests property owners reduce water use and conserve water whenever possible. Ordinance 2014-1-W Restrictions on Water Use is in effect and will be enforced as necessary. On behalf of the Board, thank you for your cooperation!

SCE – Bark Beetle Tree Removal Project

SCE is working with federal, state, and local agencies to remove dead, dying and diseased trees that were weakened by an insect called the bark beetle and by years of drought. This situation poses a potential hazard to people and property in affected communities, as well as to our electricity facilities.

SCE has an ongoing contract for removal of dead bark beetle trees, even if located on private property. Property owners may contact SCE customer service, contact arborist for P&J, Terry Dollar (tdollar@pandj.com), contact Phillips and Jordan corporate directly (800.955.0876), or send preferences to the PCSD secretary (secretary@ponderosacsd.com). 

SCE customer service contact:
If your trees have grown into or near power lines, pruning requires the expertise of a qualified line-clearance arborist.To report trees growing into or near power lines, call us at 1-800-655-4555.


2013-2014 Water System Improvement Project - archived updates